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What To Look For In A Snowmobile Trailer

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What should you look for when shopping for an enclosed snowmobile trailer? There are many factors to consider, depending on how often and where you go snowmobiling, the number of vehicles you haul, if you also haul ATVs, and of course, your budget and personal preferences. But there are also some basic standards you should have on your list. Look Trailers offers the following advice for enthusiasts shopping for their first—or next—snowmobile trailer.

What’s Your Snowmobiling Personality?
Start with where you ride and the number of toys you haul. Unless you’re carting a couple of snowmobiles short distances on everyday terrain, most people look for an enclosed snowmobile trailer. Enclosed trailers will protect your rides (better than any tarp or cover) from salt, weather, rocks, and other road debris. You can also heat them and store your gear inside. Also think about looks. Do you prefer a strictly utilitarian design, or do you like to travel in style? If the latter, consider a trailer with ATP trim, two-tone paint, and eye-catching rims.

V-nose or Flat?
A v-nose trailer has some benefits over a flat-front trailer. One is aerodynamics. A more aerodynamic trailer will cut down on drag, making your drive more fuel efficient. In addition, the length of the v-nose can give you more room for snowmobiles and allow you to load them more easily through the v-nose opening. Plus, many snowmobile trailers double as ATV trailers. If you ride both, a v-nose is a good option for you.

Frame Choices
Where there’s snow, there’s salt. When choosing a snowmobile trailer, look for a corrosion-averse exterior such as aluminum, as well as undercoat protection. Aluminum tube mainframe construction and 16” on center frame supports (sidewalls and roof bows) offer sturdy, yet lightweight, construction.

Load Needs
Make sure the trailer you choose can handle the load you plan to carry. Take into account both the square footage and the payload capacity of the trailer given the number of vehicles you plan to haul. Trailers come in a range of lengths and widths and some are meant to haul lighter or more heavy-duty loads. Look Trailer dealers can help you calculate your needs and match them with the right model.

A snowmobile trailer doesn’t just haul your vehicles. It can also carry your gear, serve as a shelter out of the elements, and keep you warm. Many experienced snowmobilers wouldn’t dream of heading for the trails without heating options that keep your gear—and you—warm and dry—giving you a more pleasant snowmobiling experience. Look Trailers makes it easy with a Heater Package that includes:

  • 34,000 BTU Furnace with Thermostat
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Converter/Battery Charger
  • Deep Cycle Battery
  • Dual 20-pound Propane Tank
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Furnace Cabinet with Registers
  • Furnace Duct with Registers
  • Glove Hangers
  • Heated Helmet Cabinet

Look Trailers offers a wide variety of snowmobile trailers to fit every hauling need and budget. Visit your local Look Trailers dealer to help explain all the choices and options to make your snowmobiling adventures the best.