Enclosed Cargo Trailers... What's Your Passion?

At LOOK® Trailers, we're not just in the business of transportation; we're in the business of transformation. Our Cargo Trailers aren't merely for transporting goods; they're vehicles for propelling your passion. Your cargo is the heartbeat of your journey, and we'll support you with trailers engineered to enhance every experience.
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Each car hauler trailer crafted under the LOOK® brand is meticulously designed to meet the highest standards, allowing you to focus on finding the perfect set of wheels. From trailers ideal for first-time buyers or professional racers, our lineup is tailored to safeguard your valuable cargo throughout every journey. 

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LOOK® Trailers off-road trailers are constructed to provide an impressive amount of conveniences to your next excursion. We focus on our customers' needs so that you can get on (or off) the trail.

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LOOK® snowmobile trailers are leading the industry in design and innovation, each one an accomplishment in durability, reliability, and functionality. From aluminum trailers to deckover models, these trailers are second to none when it comes to quality construction.
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LOOK® Trailers is committed to providing you with exceptional value for the long haul. From black top to rounding the dirt track, you’ll feel comfortable towing your bike in one of our value-packed motorcycle trailers.

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LOOK®'s contractor trailers, meticulously crafted for ultimate convenience, durability, and accessibility, redefine efficiency on the job site. Check out our innovative enclosed utility trailers skilled professionals trust.

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Hardworking trailers built extra tough to withstand the elements and wear-and-tear of day-to-day operations. Look no further than LOOK®’s landscaping trailers to harness your equipment.

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Specifically designed for concessionaires, these trailers serve as the perfect destination for your vending business ventures. LOOK® offers hundreds of customizable options to ensure individuality is at the heart of each business.

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When job sites require more than just a standard trailer office, LOOK® Trailers has you covered. Our heavy-duty Enclosed Trailers are purpose-built to withstand rough terrains and shield your workspace from harsh weather conditions, ensuring optimal performance and protection for your operations.
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We mean business.

Look® Trailers, a division of Novae®, stands as a cornerstone in the USA's trailer manufacturing landscape. Renowned for our unwavering commitment to excellence, we understand what it takes to manufacture products that people depend on every day, often for their very livelihoods, and we take this responsibility seriously. This knowledge drives every aspect of our operations, from conception to engineering, to build quality and component selection—we never compromise. 

As the largest cargo trailer manufacturer in the nation, Look® Trailers sets itself apart from the competition in three key ways. It all begins with our mission—a dedication to delivering quality products with outstanding service while providing superior value to everyone associated with our company. Next, we offer a full range of enclosed trailers for virtually any application. Each trailer, whether it's an Enclosed Utility Trailer, Car Hauler, Race Trailer, Snowmobile Trailer, or Cargo Trailer, is meticulously constructed to meet stringent safety specifications and uphold the highest standards of quality. Finally, we stand behind our products with an industry-leading warranty. 

Look® Trailers offers a comprehensive range of cargo trailers designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you're hauling equipment for work or embarking on a family adventure, our cargo trailers provide the durability, versatility, and security you need to transport your goods with confidence. With a variety of sizes, configurations, and customization options available, we have the perfect cargo trailer to suit your needs.  

When it comes to transporting vehicles with precision and reliability, Look® Trailers' car haulers and race trailers are the go-to choice. Engineered with the needs of auto enthusiasts and professionals in mind, our car haulers ensure your prized vehicles arrive safely and securely. Whether you're transporting classic cars to a show or racing vehicles to the track, our race trailers are designed to meet the demands of high-performance hauling. 

For outdoor enthusiasts seeking to transport their UTVs and snowmobiles with ease, Look® Trailers offers a range of trailers designed specifically for these purposes. Our UTV trailers are built to withstand rugged terrain and provide ample storage for your equipment, ensuring you can explore the great outdoors with confidence. Likewise, our snowmobile trailers are engineered to withstand harsh winter conditions and keep your snowmobiles secure during transport. 

When it comes to meeting the needs of landscaping professionals and contractors, Look® Trailers delivers with our landscape and contractor trailers. Built to withstand the rigors of daily use and heavy-duty hauling, our landscape trailers are equipped with features such as ramps, tie-down points, and ample storage space to streamline your work. Likewise, our contractor trailers are designed to provide the durability and versatility needed to tackle a wide range of jobs, from construction projects to landscaping jobs. 

At Look® Trailers, we understand the importance of partnering with trusted dealers who share our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. That's why we offer comprehensive dealer support and training programs to ensure our dealers have the knowledge and resources they need to succeed. As an authorized dealer of Look® Trailers, you'll have access to our full range of products, exclusive promotions, and dedicated support team to help you grow your business. 

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When it comes to the best new trailers for sale, Look® has exactly what you need. Utilize our handy trailer dealer locator and have peace of mind as you haul your snowmobile trailers, utility trailers, landscape trailers and more—all thanks to the road’s best enclosed cargo trailers built from top-of-the-line construction.
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Look no further! At LOOK® Trailers, we believe you should be able to tow your way, no matter the cargo or destination. If you can think it, we can build it!


At Look Trailers, we believe you should be able to tow your way, no matter the cargo or the destination. That’s why our lineup of trailer packages and unique trailer rims provides owners everywhere with the customized ride they need, with options to spare.

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Look® Trailers is proud to offer its owners an ever-growing list of enclosed cargo trailer options to help customize the way they work, play and travel.


Still not finding a trailer option to your liking? Contact us and we would be happy to help you find your perfect cargo trailer. If you can think it, we can build it!

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