Rated: Best

Premier 8.5' Wide Stacker Race Trailer

Top-Of-The-Line, Custom

Standard Features

  • Bullnose Flat Front with Rounded Corners
  • 8” Tube Main Frame
  • 16” On-Center Crossmembers
  • Screwless Exterior
    8” A-Frame Triple Tube Tongue
  • 24” Wardrobe
  • 24” Tall Straight ATP Stone Guard
  • 12” Tongue Extension
  • 16” On-Center 3 x 1” Tube Sidewalls
  • Stainless Steel Coves .080 Composite Exterior

Standard Colors


Optional Colors

Emerald Green
Indigo Blue

The Premier Stacker Race Trailer is a high-quality trailer designed specifically for racing purposes. ​ It comes with a range of standard features that make it ideal for transporting race cars and equipment. The trailer is available in various models, each with different dimensions and specifications to suit different needs.

The standard features of the Premier Stacker Race Trailer include a bullnose flat front with rounded corners, an 8″ tube main frame, and 16″ on-center crossmembers. ​ It also has an 8″ A-frame triple tube tongue and a 12″ tongue extension for added stability and maneuverability. ​ The sidewalls are made of 3 x 1″ tube construction and are spaced 16″ on-center. ​ The roof bows are reinforced and non-walk-on, spaced 12″ on-center. ​

For safety, the trailer is equipped with a 2-5/16″ adjustable ball coupler, safety chains, and a 12K set-back jack. ​ It also has extruded aluminum fender flares and torsion brake axles for smooth and reliable towing. ​ The spread axle configuration further enhances stability and weight distribution. ​

The interior of the Premier Stacker Race Trailer is designed with race car transportation in mind. ​ It features high-performance wood walls with a .030 aluminum wall overlay. ​ The walls are also equipped with aluminum H-molding and 36″ of carpet for added protection. ​ The flooring is made of 3/4″ high-performance wood with a black rubber tread overlay for durability and traction. ​ The trailer also includes a 10′ interior loft for additional storage space.

In terms of aesthetics, the Premier Stacker Race Trailer is available in multiple color options, including white, black, silver, pewter, and charcoal. ​ The exterior is made of .080 composite material and features a screwless design for a sleek and clean look. It also has a 24″ tall straight ATP stone guard, stainless steel front radius corners, and polished aluminum castings. ​ The roof is seamless aluminum, and the trailer is equipped with a 6″ deep premium spoiler with a stainless steel wrap and taper. ​

The Premier Stacker Race Trailer is equipped with a range of lighting options for safety and convenience. ​ It has bullet LED marker and clearance lights, slimline LED tail lights with integrated backup lights, and LED mid-ship light and reflector. ​ It also includes two 22″ 12V LED black angled loading lights, ten 11″ deluxe LED dome lights, and two wall switches for easy control. ​ The trailer is powered by a 12V marine battery and includes a stereo system, a 12V USB port and receptacle, and a 50 Amp power converter.

Other notable features of the Premier Stacker Race Trailer include a generator automatic transfer switch, a 50 Amp power cord, four 110V receptacles, and one GFI receptacle. ​ It also has air compressor prep, stainless steel rear hoop, and sidewall vents for added functionality. The trailer is equipped with a rear ramp door with spring assist, recessed cam locks, and a 16″ wood ramp flap with a bullnose cap for easy loading and unloading. ​

In terms of specifications, the Premier Stacker Race Trailer is available in various models, including 8.5 x 24, 8.5 x 26, 8.5 x 28, 8.5 x 30, 8.5 x 32, and 8.5 x 34. ​ The GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) ranges from 21,000 to 24,000 pounds, depending on the model. The hubs are either superlube hubs with ST235/80R16 ‘E’ radial tires or oil bath hubs with 215/75R17.5 ‘H’ radial tires. ​ The wheels are either 16″ aluminum wheels or 17.5″ steel wheels, again depending on the model. ​

In summary, the Premier Stacker Race Trailer is a top-of-the-line trailer designed for racing purposes. ​ It offers a range of standard features and customization options to meet the specific needs of racers. With its durable construction, convenient features, and stylish design, it provides a reliable and efficient solution for transporting race cars and equipment.