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How To: Brand Your Cargo Trailer

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First things first.

Start by making a checklist of everything your customers need to find your products and/or services. Website, phone number, etc. While you don’t want this information to overshadow the name and logo, you’ll want it right below the business description.


Maybe you’re looking to go simple and elegant? If that’s the case, you probably don’t need a full trailer wrap, a lot of colors, or some custom design placed on the side of your trailer. But, if you’re looking to “wow” fellow travelers or catch eyes from a distance then you may want to think about your budget a little bit more. When it comes to a budget, the most important part is sticking to it. If it’s $200, then keep it simple. If it’s $1000, then get creative. After all, remember, it’s all about return on investment.

Make Your Message Easy To Understand

Rolling advertising needs to be quick and to the point. It must stand out from the crowd and be readable at 50mph. So, less is more. If your company can be summed up in seven words or less, that’s a great place to start. And if you have a straightforward logo, do as the marketers do and “make it bigger”.

Roof repair? You’ll want to get a roof (image/graphic/illustration) in there somewhere. Appliance repair? People remember the Maytag mascot for a reason. Just the same, your graphics should express your product or service in the blink of an eye.


Start with the color options available from the manufacturer. For Look owners, there’s plenty to customize with, including standard options like charcoal and pewter to premium paints like brandywine. Then, there’s the two-tone option to really help your cargo trailer stand out. But no matter what options are available, you’ll want to make sure they don’t distract the eye away from  your logo.

Vinyl Wraps

Now for the fun part. Enclosed trailer wraps are often custom-made designs that can perfectly fit your trailer’s dimensions. So, any windows, doors, or awnings can be integrated into the design without losing the message. Because of the complexity and scale, trailer wraps are best installed by professional shops. If you do go with a shop, dont forget to ask about any warranties they offer because sunlight and inclement weather don’t always play nice with exterior graphics-no matter how careful you are.


To start your trailer-branding journey, visit a Look dealer. They’ll help you find the right trailer for the job, then you can get going to make your lasting impression.