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Top 5 Travel Apps: Towing Friendly

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At Look Trailers, our enclosed haulers do what they were designed to do, hold your cargo and get it to your destination safely. But, sometimes a travel plan requires a bit more… technology. So, to complement your trailer, we’re listing our top 5 best apps for travel while towing that you can download and use on your next trip.


For Mapping We Recommend:

Waze is different because it crowdsources its traffic information, with real-time updates for new accidents, construction zones, and more, so you can efficiently navigate to your next destination.

Google Maps is the be-all, end-all of the mapping game. But, you knew that. It works pretty smoothly and integrates nearby locations, necessities, and more.

Roadtrippers feels more authentic than the other two mapping apps, and that’s because it personalizes the trip to your wants and preferences. That means you can do more than just go from A to B.


And For Gas Station and Low Gas Prices We Love:

GasBuddy is great for saving a buck or two while keeping your tank nice and full.

Gas Guru is another great option for finding nearby gas stations when you see the gauge heading toward zero.


What’s your favorite road trip app? Comment below!