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Look Trailers | Cargo Trailer Quality Control | Meet Linda Fry


Quality Control at LOOK® Trailers is just that… QUALITY. We take pride in the quality and production of our custom cargo trailers. Each trailer is unique and built with custom options requested by each of our cargo trailer customers’ needs. Rarely are any two aluminum trailers built with the exact specifications. Thus, we have Linda Fry at the forefront of making sure the quality of each trailer is built with precision and quality craftsmanship.

Our trailers range from cargo trailers, snowmobile trailers, off-road trailers, ATV and motocross trailers, side-by-side trailers, car hauler trailers, race trailers, concession trailers, landscape trailers, construction trailers, and mobile office trailers to name a few.

Linda Fry has been a valued team member with LOOK® Trailers for over 10 years. She has worked from the ground up starting as the tire girl with LOOK® Trailers and working her way up as a group leader for our final finish department.

Linda is always willing to jump in and give a hand to help her team. Thank you Linda for being a valued team and family member of LOOK® Trailers.

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