Look Trailers | New Marketing Intern | Alex Eby Intern


Look Trailers | New Marketing Intern | Alex Eby Intern

Alex Eby is the newest Look® Trailers marketing intern from Northridge High School. He is a senior and plans to attend college to study advertising and marketing. Alex plays football and lacrosse for Northridge.

Alex brings a strong desire and passion for marketing and will be a valuable asset to our marketing team.  So far, over the first couple of weeks, Alex has been able to facilitate a multitude of various projects such as, but not limited to, editing blog posts, WordPress website fixes, and SEO strategies.  In addition to these unique roles, Alex has been able to hone in on taking over some of our Look® Trailer’s social media pages and posts (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest).

Alex was brought on to the Look® Trailers marketing team for the school year ( August through May). He is at Look® every day from 8 a.m to 11:30 a.m. After work, Alex maintains a full course load between school and athletics (Football & Lacrosse).

“It was a no-brainer to have Alex as our marketing intern.  Alex took the initiative to get this position by reaching out to Look.  At someone his age, it is rare to find someone who is willing to challenge themselves with the drive and leadership it takes to step out of the norm of social cues and really embrace their goals and aspirations.  That being said, Alex has really progressed in posting blogs and editing websites. He has also done an excellent job of helping us grow our social media channels.  We are certainly looking forward to working and growing with Alex as he continues to improve his marketing knowledge and leadership here at Look Trailers. “Digital Marketing Manager, Tommy Taylor

Please join us in welcoming the new intern Alex Eby to Look® Trailers.


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Look Trailers | New Marketing Intern | Alex Eby Intern