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Listen in as our Corporate Work Comp Manager – James Vargo – describes his passion for safety and how he came into the industry as a Safety manager.

James Vargo has been a valued team member for Look® Trailers with over a decade of safety experience.  James developed an understanding of safety at an early age.  That understanding, developed into a passion to help others in the workforce adhere to safety protocols to help keep them safe in their work environment for a safe return home.

Here at Look® Trailers, we build several different types of enclosed cargo trailers.  Cargo trailers range from gooseneck trailers, race trailers, auto haulers / car hauler trailers, snowmobile trailers, landscaping trailers, mobile office trailers, construction trailers, and more.   Each trailer is built with precision and quality in mind.  To be as precise as possible with our cargo trailers, involves a lot of heavy machinery, a lot of moving parts, and a lot of technical trade skills that can inevitably contribute to serious injuries if you do no take the proper safety protocols while on the job site.  With the help of James Vargo, Look® Trailers has been able to maintain an excellent safety environment with clear guidelines and rules.

Thank you James Vargo for your years of services and continued efforts towards safety with Look® Trailers.

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Look Trailers | Employee Spotlight | Corporate Work Comp Manager | James Vargo