Job Location | Texas

1700 Bluebonnet Pkwy, McGregor, TX 76657

Job Description


This position is required to provide a dedicated Trainer for all new hires and anyone else that requires additional or new training. This training may be needed because the person has just begun their career at LOOK, they have changed jobs, the job content has changed, or new products have been launched.

The Trainer will also be able to provide training that has been previously been done by production workers that has slowed them down from accomplishing their main tasks and production.


The Trainer will assume the responsibility for all training needs including, but not limited to:

  • General Orientation
  • Work Practices
  • Attendance requirements
  • Drug/Alcohol use
  • Smoking/Vaping policy
  • Plant layout and flow
  • Piece Rate Pay 
  • Quality requirements
  • Production requirements
  • Safety practices
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • May administer forklift certifications in addition to the Project Coordinator
  • Harassment and discrimination policy
  • Tool use
  • Purposes of Raw, WIP, and FG inventories
  • Job Processes
  • Cross-training
  • Work Ethic/Speed
  • Will update all training topics on area information boards to ensure up to date instructions, quality alerts, and any other pertinent information is shared with all employees


The Trainer will spend the majority of the first day of a new hire in a classroom and touring the facility and will review all pertinent work rules and work ethics. The Trainer will also review all PPE and safety equipment use in the classroom environment prior to introducing them to the work areas. The Trainer will also provide lunch for the new employee(s) on their first day.

The Trainer will begin Training either on the line in the specific work-stations, or in special mock-up areas. This is where the new employee will receive on-the-job training from the Trainer. The Trainer owns the training of the new employee until they feel they are ready to perform the functions on their own. Other production workers own the bulk of the “On the Job Training”

The Trainer will be the formal “Mentor” for each new employee and will go over the new employee mentoring report with them for the first 30 days. This should be an opportunity for some great two-way communication to ensure that the new employee has all of the tools required to be successful. The Trainer will also provide feedback to the new employee and the management team as to how the new employee is progressing.

The Trainer will also provide any employee with updated or new training as dictated by updated or new products, or the quality/warranty issues. This training may be done either in the production area or in a classroom as may be required.

The Trainer position is almost like a “Boot-Camp Drill Sargent” without the screaming. While the new employee is placed in the specific position by their supervisor, the Trainer owns most of the higher-level communication over the first 30 days.


  • Must be able to thoroughly learn all Plywood and Metal related job functions
  • Must be familiar with all safety practices associated with each job
  • Must be familiar with all quality expectations 
  • Must be able to effectively communicate orally and in practice to achieve the desired results
  • Must be able to control a classroom environment and present training material
  • Must be upbeat and positive at all times
  • Must have outstanding attendance
  • Must be encouraging
  • Must have a positive coaching communication and leadership style 
  • Must honestly evaluate all workers 
  • Must be able to identify strong points and weaknesses and develop a strategy to build on both 
  • Must be able to learn to manage basic programs on the computer and present them either on a TV or a projector.
  • Should be able to manipulate training materials within specific programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. May use other programs as needed
  • May develop additional training as is required

Reports directly to the General Manager so that overall direction is maintained

Dotted Line responsibility to Production Manager so that specific training takes place

Position Type: Full time

Wage: Salaried $50k-$55k, DOE

Benefits: Full benefits package is available including a matching 401k