Rated: Best

Avalanche Aluminum Motorsport Trailer

High-end, Multipurpose

Standard Features

  • Choose from Avalanche or Avalanche Deluxe Models
  • 7-wide Slope V-Nose and 7.5-wide Aero Wedge V-Nose Models Available
  • All Aluminum Construction
  • Double Hollow Tube Frames
  • 16" On-Center Crossmembers
  • Drop Spring Axles with Superlube Hubs
  • 3/4" High-performance Wood Flooring
  • (9) Recessed D-Rings
  • Slimline LED Taillights with Integrated Backup
  • Front and Rear Load Lights
  • VHB Bonded Screwless Exterior
  • Color Matching Rear Wraps
  • Seamless Aluminum Roof
  • 9" Deep Rear Flare
  • Aluminum Frame Side Entry Door with Flushlock
  • 61" Front Ramp with Assist
  • Rear Ramp with Assist
  • 12" Wood Ramp Extensions on Both Ramps
  • Sidewall Airflow Vents
  • *Standard features may vary by plant and location and are subject to change. Please consult with your dealer.

Standard Colors


Optional Colors

Emerald Green

Avalanche Motorsport

Brace the Elements with Unmatched Performance
Welcome to a new era of adventure and convenience with the ultimate enclosed motorsport trailer for your snowmobiles, ATVs, and side by sides. Whether you’re conquering snowy trails, rugged terrains, or winding paths, our cutting-edge trailers redefine how you transport and protect your prized machines. Say hello to Avalanche and Avalanche Deluxe – the pinnacles of innovation and utility in the world of sport trailers.

Tailored to Your Passion
Avalanche: Designed to exceed expectations, the Avalanche model is a testament to precision engineering. With a focus on functionality and durability, this trim level ensures your vehicles remain safeguarded during transit, ready to hit the trails as soon as you arrive.

Avalanche Models and Weight Ratings

  • 7′ Wide, Sloped V-Nose Models: 7×19′, 7×23′, 7×27′ and 7×29′
  • Tandem Axle Brake GVWR: 7000#

Avalanche Deluxe:Enhance your hauling experience with the Avalanche Deluxe. This premium model combines the robust features of the Avalanche with additional standard features enthusiasts demand. From enhanced interiors and lighting to upgraded style, the Deluxe variant is the epitome of sophistication and practicality.

Avalanche Deluxe Models and Weight Ratings

  • 7′ Wide, Slope V-Nose Models: 7×19′, 7×23′, 7×27′ and 7×29′
  • 7.5′ Wide, Aero Wedge V-Nose Models: 7.5×17′ – 7.5×31′
  • Tandem Axle Brake GVWR: 7000# (7 and 7.5-wide), 9900# (7.5-wide only)

Key Standard Features:
Experience Avalanche with a suite of features designed to add convenience to and worry-free ownership to your weekend getaways.

  • All Aluminum Construction: Enjoy the benefits of lightweight durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity with all-aluminum construction.
  • Double Hollow Tube Frames with 16″ On-Center Crossmembers: Our trailers feature double hollow tube frames for enhanced strength and structural integrity. Sturdy crossmember spacing provides exceptional support and durable construction.
  • Front and Rear Ramps with Extensions: Effortlessly load and unload your toys with assisted front and rear ramps. For even smoother loading and unloading, 12″ ramp extensions are also standard on both ramps.
  • Drop Spring Axles: Navigate with confidence using drop spring axles that enhance stability and towing performance.
  • 3/4″ High Performance Wood Floors: Stable deck wood floors offer reliable support for your machines, and dependability for your trailer.
  • (9) Recessed D-Rings: Secure your toys and gear using integrated recessed D-rings strategically placed for optimal tie-down points.
  • Slimline LED Taillights with Integrated Backup: Stay visible on the road with slimline LED taillights featuring integrated backup lights.
  • Front and Rear Loading Lights: Enjoy enhanced visibility during loading and unloading with dedicated front and rear loading lights.
  • VHB Bonded Screwless Exterior: The VHB bonded screwless exterior not only looks sleek but also ensures durability and weather resistance.
  • ATP V-Nose Cap: Tread plate aluminum cap over the v-nose adds style and added protection for your investment.
  • Aluminum Frame Side Door with Flushlock: Ingress and Egress easily through the aluminum frame side door, complete with a secure rv-style flushlock mechanism.
  • Side Airflow Vents: While on the road, allow harmful exhaust gasses to escape your trailer.

Additional Standard Features for Avalanche Motorsport:

  • Center Caps and Beauty Rings on Steel Wheels: Enhanced styling on a standard, steel trailer wheel.
  • High Performance Wood Walls and Trim: Enjoy the benefits of stable deck wood walls and trim for added durability
  • 12″ High-Performance Wood Interior Kickplate on Walls: An additional 3/4″ thick kickplate protects your interior from accidental rubs and bumps.
  • (2) Interior LED Dome Lights: Illuminate your cargo with ease using two of our standard, interior LED dome lights.
  • 16″ ATP Stoneguard: Shield your trailer from road debris.

Additional Standard Features for Avalanche Deluxe Motorsport:

  • MAX Tongue Extension: Maximize your towing options with the convenience of longest allowable tongue extension for this model already standard.
  • Upgrade to Aluminum Wheels: Enrich the look and performance of your trailer with sleek aluminum wheels.
  • Upgrade to White Vinyl Ceiling with Aluminum Coves: Experience a premium interior with a white vinyl ceiling and aluminum coves for a polished finish.
  • Upgrade to White Vinyl Interior Walls: Enjoy a clean and bright interior with white vinyl walls that are easy to maintain.
  • Upgrade to 24″ High-Performance Kickplate: Augment wall protection with a 24″ high-performance kickplate that guards against scuffs and damage.
  • Upgrade to (2) 11″ Deluxe Interior LED Dome Lights: Illuminate your interior with deluxe LED dome lights for optimal visibility.
  • Two-Tone Color Aluminum Exterior with Divider Strip: Make a statement with a two-tone color aluminum exterior featuring a stylish divider strip.
  • Upgrade to 24″ Stoneguard: 8″ taller on Deluxe.
  • (1) Additional Rear Load Light: Amplify visibility during rear loading and unloading with an additional load light.
  • 2 14″ Fuel Access Doors: Enjoy convenient access to your refuel your machines with two 14″ fuel doors.
  • Upgrade to Hingeless Ramp Extensions on Both Ramps: Streamline your loading experience with hingeless ramp extensions on both ramps.

Discover Your Perfect Enclosed Motorsport Trailer Today!
Are you ready to embark on a new level of adventure and protection for your beloved machines? Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Avalanche and Avalanche Deluxe models. Contact or visit your nearest dealer today to learn more about our Enclosed Motorsport Trailers and find the perfect fit for your next adventure.