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Top 5 Travel Apps: Towing Friendly

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At Look Trailers, our enclosed haulers do what they were designed to do, hold your cargo and get it to your destination safely. But, sometimes a travel plan requires a bit more… technology. So, to complement your trailer, we’re listing our top 5 best apps for travel while towing that you can download and use on your next trip.   …

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How To: Brand Your Cargo Trailer

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First things first. Start by making a checklist of everything your customers need to find your products and/or services. Website, phone number, etc. While you don’t want this information to overshadow the name and logo, you’ll want it right below the business description. Budget Maybe you’re looking to go simple and elegant? If that’s the case, you probably don’t need a …

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What You Don’t Know About Your Trailer’s Tie Downs

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So, what is a tie-down? We’re glad you asked. Tie-downs are durable straps that allow you to secure items to the trailer’s interior so they don’t go flying around after bumps and curves in the road. Tie downs come in many widths, lengths, materials, and colors. But almost all of them share a locking clasp that allows you to increase …

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8 Motorcycle Hauling Tips

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There’s nothing like a motorcycle road trip. And while you’d always rather ride to your destination, there are times when you need to haul your bikes. You can rely on an enclosed motorcycle trailer to get your precious cargo there safely, so long as you follow these tips and a checklist for loading, securing, and driving. Loading #1: The flatter the …

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Benefits of Owning a Gooseneck Trailer

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Whether they’re an outdoor enthusiast, a race car driver, or a little of both, experienced haulers looking for more space and plenty of brawn often upgrade to a gooseneck trailer or fifth-wheel. Known by their distinctive “stretched necks,” these enclosed trailers offer some distinct advantages over typical bumper-pull trailers. Gooseneck and fifth-wheel trailers have much in common, but there is …

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What To Look For In A Snowmobile Trailer

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What should you look for when shopping for an enclosed snowmobile trailer? There are many factors to consider, depending on how often and where you go snowmobiling, the number of vehicles you haul, if you also haul ATVs, and of course, your budget and personal preferences. But there are also some basic standards you should have on your list. Look …

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How To: Get The Most Out Of Your Tires

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For the safety of you and your cargo, and to protect your cargo trailer, Look Trailers recommends that you keep your tires in top condition. With the following tire maintenance tips, you can drive safely and avoid or delay potentially expensive repairs and tire replacements. Maintain Proper Tire Pressure Keeping your tires inflated to the proper level saves on wear …

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16 Common Trailer Parts Every Hauler Should Know

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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR LOOK TRAILER COMPONENTS So, you’re in the market for a brand-new trailer. You know the type of trailer you want, you know that Look Trailers offers you the best bang for your buck, and you’re finally ready to make a purchase. However, while there are plenty of standards and options for the trailer …